Draft and Power Requirements for some Tillage Implements operating in Clay Loam Soil

Paul Okoko


Draft and power requirement determinations were made for some tillage implements operating on clay loam soil. The implements included a 3 – bottom disc plough, a spring tine cultivator and an offset disc harrow. The effects of speed and depth upon the draft and power requirements were investigated. Soil analysis test, tractor and implement specifications and results of tillage experiments are reported. A general regression equation to predict draft and power requirements of these implements on a clay loam soil was developed based on speed and depth parameter. A significant increase in draft and power requirements were observed for all the implements with an increase in depth. The relationships between draft and power requirement with respect to speed and depth are presented graphically. These can be used to predict the required draft and power during the design of tillage implements.


Draft; power requirement; moisture content; tillage

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