Performance evaluation of furrow openers for sugarcane planting in sub-tropical India

Sukhbir Singh, Ashok Tripathi, A K. Singh


The research was conducted to evaluate the effects of different types of furrow opener, depth and speed of operation on soil properties, draft force, soil disturbance and germination percentage and to select the best furrow openers for establishment of sugarcane crop. The experiment was conducted on a silt loam textured soil using three furrow openers viz. IISR furrower, IISR deep furrower and conventional type ridger operated at three average speeds of 0.96, 1.46 and 3.7 km h-1 and three depths of furrows 100, 150 and 250 mm. The parameters like draft force, soil penetration resistance, ridge height, volume of soil disturbed and germination percentage were determined. Soil penetration resistance decreased with increasing operational speeds of each furrow openers type and depth of furrow. Soil disturbance characteristics and draft force requirements increased with increase in the speeds and depth of operation. The mean germination percentage was 12.9% to 41.6% at 30 and 45 DAP based on type of furrow opener, speed and depth. The lowest soil penetration resistance, clear furrow and better germination were found with IISR deep furrower. 

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