Operators’ exposure to noise and vibration in the grass cut tasks: comparison between private and public yards

Angela Calvo, Roberto Deboli, Christian Preti


During the green maintenance, the grass cut tasks require the operators to use machines (especially lawn tractors, mowers, blowers and brush cutters) which transmit them high levels of noise and vibration. The requests of the Directive 2003/10/EC for the operators’ noise exposure are difficult to be applied in seasonal variable activities, as grass cut tasks are. The same problem exists in case of the workers’ exposure to vibration sources. Aim of this work was to compare the noise and vibration operators exposure of a public yard with a private one in the grass cut tasks. Data were collected using the requested standards considering all the noisy and vibrating sources of the operators. Moreover, the different work organisation in the two yards was considered. The results showed that there are not significant differences among the two yards types for the noise risk: the limit value was exceeded for almost all the workers: in this case operators must be protected by the hearing protector devices. For the hand-arm vibration risk, the operators of the private yard are conversely slightly more exposed: in this case major problems are present, because it is more difficult to protect the operators.


noise, vibration, grass cut, exposure times

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