Experimental comparison of combine performance with two harvesting methods: stripper header and conventional header

Seyed Vahid Mirnezami, Gholamreza Chegini


Residual straw status on the field after harvesting was one of the important obstacles in using stripper header in Iran. In this work, combine performance studied with two type headers, conventional and stripper in wheat farm. Residual stems after harvesting collected, baled, and two methods were compared. The results showed that fuel consumption in the stripper header was 5.68 L/ha less than the conventional header. Combines with stripper header harvested 1500 m2 more than the conventional header in each hour. Stripper header in comparison with the conventional had 21% harvesting efficiency and 840 kg/h field performance which harvested more wheat. Harvesting time and fuel consumption for straw harvesting operation in the harvested field with stripper header were 1.5 minutes and 23.53 L respectively, which were higher than conventional header. However, with stripper method, 2040 kg/ha more straw were collected compared to conventional method. Stripper field status after harvesting operations was far cleaner and more ready for next operation than the other.


straw, stripper header, combine performance

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