Patchouli in fragrances-incense stick production from patchouli spent charge powder

H. G. Ramya, V. Palanimuthu, R. Dayananda Kumar



Incense sticks are popularly known as the fragrance ambassador of India.  The burning of incense in religious and social activities has been practiced in India since early times.  Patchouli is an aromatic and medicinal plant and is grown for its essential oil.  Patchouli essential oil has greater demand and finds extensive application in flavour, perfumery, cosmetic, food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industries.  In our present study the residual essential oil content of patchouli spent charge was studied under various methods, i.e. shade, tray and sun drying, after steam distillation extraction of patchouli essential oil.  The residual essential oil content of shade dried spent charge was 0.5% - 0.7%.  So, the ground shade dried patchouli spent charge was used in incense sticks manufacture.  Ten different types of incense sticks were produced by blending the patchouli spent charge powder at various levels along with other traditional ingredients; and it made us clear that patchouli spent charge powder can replace wood powder up to 5% - 10% level which is currently used at 15% level.  Various physical quality parameters of different patchouli spent charge based incense sticks were studied which eventually indicated that incense sticks from spent charge powder were much acceptable at present scenario.



Keywords: patchouli, spent charge powder, wood powder, incense sticks



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